Sewing Sisters

We want to teach women to sew and weave in order to learn the skills to earn a living one-day to support themselves and their families.

The Lotus Flower will be working with Yazidi women in Kurdistan region of Iraq. The atrocities Yazidi women have faced hit the headlines in August 2014, and are still doing so today. They have encountered unconceivable brutality at the hands of Daesh, including rape, kidnapping and slavery. It is hardly surprising that many survivors find it impossible to cope after escaping. Unfortunately, the widespread nature of this trauma has made attempts of support to date extremely difficult.

The ideas for The Lotus Flower income generation project came from the women themselves; they asked for projects that will help them learn new skills, keep them occupied and help generate financial assistance. Many women have lost male members of their family to Daesh, leaving them devastated and under severe pressure to support their loved ones single-handedly. With the region being under significant financial pressure, and many agencies on the ground unable to help, they are in dire need of an alternative way out of the poverty cycle.
The Lotus Flower hopes to fill this gap for as many women as we can. We will teach them the skills to create artisan products, available to buy for you to treasure at home. The stories of the women who made each product will be shared, and proceeds from the sale will be sent back to support them. You will be making a huge difference to their lives directly.