Computer training

The Lotus Flower Centres offer computer training courses for women and girls. This training provides a base level of computer skills, which are a valuable asset in most modern professions.  Most of the women and girls attending these courses have never used a computer before, so the instructors start from the basics, including turning the computers on and off, opening files, typing skills, and using office software.


Having lacked the opportunity to work with computers before, many of the women in our courses conducted so far were very excited for the opportunity to learn, and all of them graduated with the ability to work with computers successfully, particularly focusing on skills in Microsoft Word.  As of the end of 2017, 40 women and girls in the Rwanga Community had graduated the computer course and were able to achieve basic computer skills which they could practice every day on community center computers.

Success Stories

A number of students on their way to university enrolled in this course in order to learn basic computer skills.  They were happy to learn how to use basic word processing software in order to be able to write reports, which will be essential for their university classes.