Mental Health and Psycho-social support through Awareness, group discussion, art therapy and more.

Refugees and displaced people suffer from depression, anxiety, or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder at rates of at least three times higher than the wider population. Our centres incorporate individual and peer-to-peer support in all of our programming.

Younger females experience severe psychological trauma after fleeing their homes and many struggle with uncertainty, danger, and distress. Attempted suicide is increasingly common. The safe social spaces at our centres encourage women and girls to support each other. Cultural and social sensitivities are carefully considered and we provide individualised support.

We offer a variety of programming to support mental health including awareness sessions, group discussions, art therapy (painting and knitting), community outreach and home visits. Topics include SGBV prevention, domestic violence, emotional abuse, prevention of early marriage, women’s rights. Our teams also conduct advocacy campaigns to educate community members on mental health and gender-based violence.

We provide access to a social worker and/or therapist for individualised support and group discussions. When we encounter severe cases, we refer them to partner organisations with the expertise to provide the necessary professional assistance.

We also provide wellbeing programmes including yoga, mindfulness, group exercise, and related awareness sessions.