Hairdressing Sisters

The Lotus Flower will soon be launching our new livelihood programme, Hairdressing Sisters, to further economic and employment opportunities for displaced women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In partnership with Gareth Smith, a London-based freelance hair stylist with 20 years in the industry, The Lotus Flower will be training women in each of our centres. After conducting a recent needs and skills assessment, the respondents requested hairdressing as there are no women-only salons in the camps and they are unable to travel to nearby cities due to lack of transportation and financial resources. In addition, the programme will also offer professional training to a small group of women who can then earn an income based on their new skills.

We will provide the space, equipment, and training so they can learn everything they need to know about hairdressing. Once they graduate the course, they will then be able to offer their services to their community and seek financial independence and security.