Hygiene Educational Program for Girls

The Lotus Flower is collaborating with Days for Girls, an international NGO that advocates and promotes sustainable solutions for female menstrual health, as well as the Presbyterian Church, to implement a menstrual health education program to girls between 12-16 years old who are currently living in the internally-displaced camps within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  The Lotus Flower conducted girls’ health educational sessions and upon completion, distributed DfG’s discreet menstrual kits to all attendees.  We aim to empower young girls through health education and, as a result, mitigate social stigma so the girls can continue their education. 


A 2015 UNICEF/WHO assessment reported that at least 500 million girls and women lack adequate facilities for managing their periods. [1]   Menstrual health is a topic that affects women and girls in all corners of the globe; it has a long-term impact on education, economics, public health and societal norms.  However, social taboos, inadequate facilities, poverty, and limited health education continue to mitigate what resources are readily available.  It is even harder for women and girls who are fleeing violent conflict and currently live in IDP or refugee camps.  Women and girls miss out on educational and economic opportunities when they do not have the resources they need on a monthly basis.  Effective hygiene solutions empower women and girls to thrive in society by restoring dignity and enabling mobility and opportunity. 

[1] http://files.unicef.org/publications/files/Progress_on_Sanitation_and_Drinking_Water_2015_Update_.pdf