We give women and girls affected by conflict, the strength and support they need to rise out of darkness; moving from past suffering and economic hardship to reach their full potential to rebuild their future.

Taban Shoresh

Founder / CEO
Taban Shoresh survived child genocide in Kurdistan under Saddam Hussein, experiencing imprisonment at the age of four, as well as narrowly escaping being buried alive with her family.

In 2014, Taban returned to Kurdistan for 15months to help during the humanitarian crises this time the oppression of ISIS. The Lotus Flower was founded in March of 2016, in response to the struggles of women and girls she witnessed during her time in Kurdistan, drawing on her strong network of supporters to get things started.

Vian Ahmed

Regional Project Manager (Kurdistan)
Vian Ahmed has extensive experience working with vulnerable women and girls, having held a number of year’s previous experience in other non-governmental organisations and charities in the region. Vian is responsible for every aspect of running projects on the ground and managing participants, teachers, and volunteers.  She is also responsible for coordinating with the camp’s management, liaising with the regional government and NGOs, and growing the local partnerships.

Krystal Gavin

International Project Manager
Krystal is an international development professional with a background in Middle East politics and conflict mitigation.  After studying at American University and SOAS, she has worked as a project manager for RefuAid in Greece with refugee and host communities to increase access to housing and education.   Originally from NYC, she previously worked as a caseworker for community mediation for the New York Peace Institute and continues to study conflict management and refugee-specific development issues.



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