Khalida – Sewing Sister

Khalida. Prior to the ISIS attacks, I lived in Sinjar in very poor conditions. I had always worked since marrying, because my husband was sick and I had five daughters and three sons to care for. Life was tough, but things took a turn for the worse when the ISIS gangs turned up in August 2014.

We had to get to the mountain, and I had nine other people depending on me to get them to safety. All of them were suffering badly and we faced every kind of difficulty, with nobody to help us. My husband was psychologically very ill, so protecting the children was a burden on me alone.

By some stroke of luck, we were able to leave the mountain and eventually reached Syria. I now live in Rwanga community, where the poverty is still very tough. I have been working wherever and whenever possible to earn a small income, so that my children can attend school and build a future for themselves.

I was so pleased when I heard about The Lotus Flower’s income-generating project, and I’m grateful for the chance to take part in Sewing Sisters. Hopefully, increasing my own skills will benefit my children – because more than anything, I want them to have a better life than mine.

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