Haifa – Sewing Sister

Haifa. Mother to three sons, Haifa is mute and deaf. She and her family lived peacefully in Kojo village near Sinjar until August 2014, when ISIS stormed their home. Haifa tried to stay close to her sons, but the jihadists beat her repeatedly and struck her violently in the head.

Like most of the men who lived in the village, Haifa’s husband was dragged from the home and killed, while her two oldest sons were taken away to join ISIS. Still struggling against the men, Haifa was knocked down by their vehicles, almost left for dead. She spent eight days in hospital, before the ISIS militants transported her back to their centre, where so many other kidnapped women had been taken.

During the journey, the car was involved in an accident, and Haifa seized her chance to escape, along with her youngest son. They made it to Tilafer, where national security soldiers directed them to Rwanga community. With the help of The Lotus Flower, Haifa is now participating in Sewing Sisters, and hopes the skills she is learning will help her and her son start a new life in the near future.

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