Charity status

The Lotus Flower is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity number 1099682.

The Collective Fund model aims to remove the obstacles involved with setting up a standalone charity, instead providing The Lotus Flower with a charitable account underneath Prism’s auspices. Prism operates as an umbrella for around 70 Collective Funds who fundraise for different causes.

It is cost and time effective for the Lotus Flower to outsource our administration and financial management to Prism, so we can focus on our projects and charitable activities.

Alongside the outsourcing of financial administration, Prism allows us to:

  •  Receive 25% more in gift aid on all eligible donations
  • Save the cost of VAT on EU invoices
  • Benefit from a full board of Trustees
  • Gain transparency in charitable activities

We pay a quarterly percentage fee on our funds raised through Prism, which allows us to keep the lowest overheads possible, without the need of employing a financial administrative team. 

The Lotus Flower’s structure and relationship with Prism means that our annual accounts and annual reports are incorporated within Prism’s, since they are the registered charity with the U.K. Charity Commission.



Non-Profit status

The Lotus Flower is a Limited Company by Guarantee, Company Number 10039687. This means all profits in non-charitable fundraising efforts are reinvested back into charitable projects. 


registered NGO - KURDISTAN

The Lotus Flower is a registered NGO in Kurdistan with registration number 4054-F. This means we are local implementers and have the legal status to implement projects independently or in partnership with other international or local organisations. 

What we've achieved so far…