Our retreats are filled with love, a big heart focused on sharing love and giving back. Not only will you be supporting yourself but you’ll also be supporting other women impacted by conflict and displacement to rebuild their lives. How many retreats can say that? It is a truly unique way of sharing love, women helping women. All profits from the retreat will go to our charitable projects for women and girls. The moment you buy tickets you’ll know you’ve already supported them.

So ladies, read on and find out what you can expect from our retreats.

Time to show yourself some love.
Pause. Reflect. Rejuvenate.

  • Are you tired, uninspired, feeling lost or overwhelmed?
  • Are you craving a fresh energy in your life?
  • Are you in need of healing or time to search for what your heart desires?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then our retreat is what you need.

We’ve all been there. Our busy daily lives, overloaded with work and home duties, pushing ourselves in multiple directions – all often on autopilot mode. We can’t stress enough how important it is to pause, reflect and rejuvenate. Not a few hours, afternoon or evening off, but really disconnecting from everyday responsibilities. You must reconnect with your inner self, not just for your peace of mind and happiness but also for others around you.

Our retreats offer a new perspective, and expand your horizons. Bringing you a positive energy to connect with your mind and soul. Giving yourself the love you deserve by taking time to listen to yourself.

When you let go of daily responsibilities, and gift yourself with love and self-care, you’ll be on a new path to re-discover yourself. You’ll also have plenty of time to reflect on what you want to manifest in your life.

Our retreats offer you:

  • An opportunity to push your reset button. Giving you the time, space and guidance to allow you to re-think your priorities.
  • Practical skills to hone in to your inner self and passions. Through creative guided activities you will tap into your inner self.
  • Relax, rejuvenate and make time for yourself. Our venue provides treatments should you want to book one to treat yourself.
  • Become inspired. Through talks, exercises, experiences and meeting new people.
  • Connect and make like-minded friends. A personal journey will help you build strong friendships.
  • Learn to take home life-enhancing skills and positive memories. With such a practical and personal experience, you will take away a lot.
  • Build confidence. Our activities are aimed at helping you find your inner self and to build your confidence in a safe environment. You will discover the goddess in you.

By the end of the retreat you will be moved and learn so much of yourself that you might not have previously. You come out with a new perspective and outlook in life.

Weekend retreats include: 

Healing Waters in Glastonbury is set in a beautiful location with the whole retreat dedicated to us. There will be healthy all-inclusive food.

A tailored programme that includes workshops from below:

  • Meditation
  • Finding your flow
  • Life Alignment
  • Finding your voice
  • The Joy of Drama
  • Anyone can sing

Our workshops are focused on building equanimity, confidence, resilience and empathy. You will learn to move past old limiting beliefs, hurts and unconscious emotions. We will help you clarify your thinking and encourage blocked energies to flow. Our fun, creative classes will help you build your confidence and find your voice.

…all that’s left now is to welcome you there.

This transformational weekend is like no other, using practical skills and calming techniques to allow you to Pause. Reflect. Rejuvenate.

The weekend retreat includes workshops, accommodation and food, all for £449. All profits will go back into charitable projects. Sisters Supporting Sisters. 

*tickets are limited so don’t miss your opportunity to experience a truly transformational weekend.

Look forward to hosting you. xxx