From Struggle to Strength

The humanitarian situation in Kurdistan remains dire with nearly 3million people displaced into the region as a result of the barbaric atrocities committed by Daesh (ISIS). The suffering of innocent families are unimaginable, all forced out of their homes and losing loved ones. Women and girls have been at the receiving end of horrific brutally, imprisonment, rape and being sold as sex slaves being some examples.

The Lotus Flower raised funds to support vulnerable women and girls rebuild their lives. Our Sewing Sisters project was one of the six other projects we implemented. In 6months we’ve supported nearly 300 women and girls. Imagine how many we can help with more support.

We would like to continue our projects and help more women and girls. We would also like to give a voice to the women and girls we are supporting by highlighting their stories through videos, photography and creative storytelling.

The humanitarian crisis is no longer in the news but that doesn’t mean the situation is better. These women and girls still need your help. We want to inspire hope and make them believe in a better future, we’ve seen the positive results of the work we do and would like to provide this opportunity for more women and girls.

Donate and share this campaign to show them you haven’t forgotten them. Give them hope and help make change happen.