Love Who You Are!

Here at The Lotus Flower we do everything from the heart and with love. Our aim is to support amazing women and girls, who are already incredibly brave, courageous, strong and resilient, get back to the life they lost due to conflict and displacement. 

We support women through long term sustainability, providing tools and opportunities for them to be able to stand on their two feet, to support themselves, their families and their communities. Our projects have proven to be such a success in the camps with women and girls that we need to find new and creative ways to ensure we keep our projects going. 

This is where our new  t-shirt campaign  comes in. We want  everyone  to LOVE WHO YOU ARE. Some do, and some don't, and for those that don't we aim to support them to reach a place where they do love who they are. This is where we need your help!  Not only will all proceeds from t-shirt sales go towards continuing the work we do, but we want everyone who wears our t-shirt to proudly show love to themselves, and stand in solidarity with our women and girls. 

Photo Credit: @annelisemecca

Photo Credit: @annelisemecca

In a world where we are forced to become so many things we aren't, it's easy to forget who we truly are and how wonderfully unique we are. We want YOU to shout the love you have for yourself, embracing every single part of you. In the process not only are you loving yourself but you're supporting another women and girl to help rebuild her life and love herself. 

Please join us in sharing the love by using the hashtag #lovewhoyouare

To buy the t-shirt or tote bag click here.

Thank you, from all of us at Lotus x