Storytelling Sisters: The Lotus Flower's New Livelihood programme!

Annelise Mecca

Annelise Mecca

Our women and girl’s centres are a place of refuge, and hold a million stories. We’d love for the women we work with to have the opportunity to tell them, so we have teamed up with Annelise Mecca to launch Storytelling Sisters - a new project that aims to teach the women how to document their every day lives and stories through the medium of photo journalism.

We are currently fundraising to cover equipment costs for this new programme. Once the women have been taught the basics of photojournalism this is a skill that may be used to improve their livelihoods.

We appreciate any donation you are able to make to our centres.

To donate to this project please head to Annelise’s fundraising page:

A note from Annelise:

I’ve been lucky enough to capture some incredible sights, right across the world. Now I want to inspire women and girl survivors of ISIS conflict to tell their own unique stories through the power of photography.

By encouraging women and girls to work as photojournalists, the project will provide a new creative outlet that documents the untold stories of their everyday lives. All funds raised will go towards purchasing camera equipment, printing, SD cards, hard drives for digital storage and publishing.
I sincerely hope you can support this project generously and help me reach my target of £3,500. I look forward to updating you on our progress.
With love,
Annelise Mecca

Event date

30th March - 31st May 2019