HACHE BURGER SOCIAL: Asma Khan creates Lotus Burger just for us!

Lotus burger.jpg

We are beyond excited to start the New Year with a fantastic partnership with Asma Khan and Hache Burger Social, with her first ever collaboration. Asma has created a ‘Lotus Burger’ just for us, with £1 of every burger sold going straight to The Lotus Flower to support the new Lotus Cafe project.

The Lotus Burger.

Crispy ‘Bengali Chop’ vegetable patty, topped with grilled seasoned aubergine, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard and turmeric and chilli mayo on a toasted turmeric brioche bun.

£10.50 with £1 being donated to The Lotus Flower charity 

Asma’s Turmeric Chilli Frites.

Seasoned with turmeric, chilli and Indian spices complete with sprinkled sesame seeds

£5.50 with 50p donated to charity 

Order both for £15 – £1 will be donated to the charity

Available in all restaurants from Friday 4th January


Born in Calcutta, Asma moved to the UK over 20 years ago. Following a successful five-year stint hosting supper clubs, Asma opened her first restaurant, Darjeeling Express, in Soho last year.

The restaurant’s kitchen is staffed exclusively by women who Asma calls her ‘tribe’.After a successful cook book launch for “Asma’s Indian Kitchen”, this is Asma’s first collaboration, will coincide with her appearance on the hit Netflix series, Chef’s Table, which will explore Asma’s journey through food and identity in both London and her native India. Asma will be the first British chef to appear on the show.

Recent accolades, including Asma being crowned the Female Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Restaurant Awards 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year in the Asian Women of the Year Awards makes Asma a force to be reckoned with on the London food scene.

To donate to the Lotus Flower Cafe project you can do so here.