First Lotus Supper Club of 2019

We kicked off the first Lotus Supper Club of 2019  in style at Tom’s Kitchen

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Guests were greeted with champagne drinks, followed by an absolutely delicious two-course meal, prepared by the wonderful staff at Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea. This food really is good for the soul!

This was our first fundraiser of the year, a room full of supporters coming together to share their experience, make meaningful connections and drive change for a brighter future for the women and girls.

Lotus founder, Taban, delivered a speech about her personal story; the journey her life has brought her on and how this has driven the passion to create The Lotus Flower. Our sole aim is to deliver support and enhance the lives of the women and girls we work with.

Lena Corner, a journalist who has visited Kurdistan, spoke about her experience and the work she’s seen Lotus do on the ground, and the impact it has had.

"from what I witnessed, The Lotus Flower work is like any other charity I've seen, the women and girls are so engaged and there's a great sense of community feeling in all the centres"

Dr. Jane, a fully-qualified GP and Aesthetic doctor, then spoke about why she's chosen to be part of Lotus and how she is looking forward to her upcoming trip where she will go out and train the women in life support first aid and self-screening for breast cancer.

"I’m really excited to be able to use my skills to empower the women through medical training to be able to look after themselves and family even after we leave - knowledge is power"

For our first supper club of the year, it was a really successful fundraising night where our guests were able to enjoy lovely food, inspiring talks, and even a set by an acoustic singer.

This will be the first of many Supper Clubs we host this year.

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