Award-winning photographer Alice Aedy visits Lotus Flower projects

Acclaimed documentary-maker and photographer Alice Aedy recently visited The Lotus Flower centres in Dohuk, where she captured a series of powerful images depicting the harsh realities of refugee life.

Alice, whose work regularly appears in publications such as The Times, Vice, The Guardian, and Huck Magazine, met many of the women and girls at our centres in Kurdistan, and experienced first-hand the projects they are working on.

Inspired by what she saw, Alice put together a project called ‘We have no friends but the mountains’ – a Kurdish saying that perfectly symbolises the Yazidis who were forced to flee to Mount Sinjar when ISIS invaded their homeland in 2014. 


Alice, who has previously spent months reporting from the frontline of the European refugee crisis, unveiled some of her striking portraits at a special event called A Night with The Lotus Flower, held in November. In front of a large audience of media creatives gathered at London’s Never Fade gallery, she spoke of her support for The Lotus Flower. “These guys are doing so much, with so little,” she said. “It’s just remarkable that Lotus is helping these women, not only to survive, but to live.”