Survivor of ISIS rebuilds her life for her children

Projects participated in: Sewing Sisters Round 1, Yoga, Literacy Round 3

Hayfa is a deaf/mute mother of three sons.  She lives in the Rwanga Community and is from Kojo village.  They were living in their village peacefully when suddenly ISIS attacked.  They came to her house and separated her from her children.  When she was trying to keep her sons close to her, they hit her in the head.  They took her husband and killed him.  They treated her very badly, and hit her with a car.  They thought she had died but took her to the hospital, and for many days, they would bring her to the hospital and take her back.  One day, they were coming back from the hospital and had an accident with another car, which provided a golden opportunity to escape to Tal Afar with her youngest son; the two others are still under ISIS control. 

In Tal Afar, the soldiers and National Safety directed her to the Rwanga Community, where she fled with one of her sons.  A few months later, one of her brothers, who is also deaf and mute, escaped ISIS and lived with Hayfa for a few months, but after deciding to marry a girl from the camp, they threw Hayfa and her son out on the street. 

With the help of Lotus Flower and Rwanga Community camp management, she managed to get a cabin for herself and her family. Haifa participates in our Sewing Sisters project as well as Adult Literacy. She has continued onto round three and loves learning to read and write, as well as learn sewing skills to help support her family.