Kawe - Sewing Sister Trainer

Kawe, 39.

When ISIS attacked our community in Khansor, my 10 daughters and I were forced to flee our home – and leave behind every single thing we owned. We headed to Ba’adra, which we believed to be safe, but we were wrong: after three days we learned that ISIS were also planning to attack there. So many people were caught, but thankfully we managed to escape in time.

On the move again, our next stop was Al-Kawashi, where we were given shelter in a hall belonging to a mosque, along with 70 other refugees. Fortunately, we were treated very well, and I will never forget the kindness of the people there.

Later, we moved to Rwanga community, where I now live with my daughters and my mother-in-law. I am working as a trainer for The Lotus Flower’s Sewing Sisters project in the camp, and am enjoying teaching other women skills to help them achieve a more positive future. While the work allows me to support my own family, I cling to hope to help build better for us all one day.