About Us

Who we are

We are a charity that supports women and girls impacted by conflict and displacement. We are local an implementer that works with organisations at the grassroots level to get right into the heart of the communities.

Born out of the founder’s passion, personal experience and a response to the humanitarian crises of Kurdistan, northern Iraq in 2014. Officially registered in the UK in March 2016 and are a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund Registered Charity Number: 1099682.

Our Vision

We empower vulnerable women and girls so that they are safe and financially independent, with the freedom to speak out.

Our Mission

We give women and girls affected by conflict, the strength and support they need to rise out of darkness; moving on from past suffering and economic hardship and to reach their full potential to rebuild their future.

Our Values

We believe in working from the heart with love and respect.

Our Story

Taban Shoresh survived child genocide in Kurdistan under Saddam Hussein, experiencing imprisonment at the age of four, as well as narrowly escaping being buried alive with her family.

In 2014, Taban returned to Kurdistan for 15months to help during the humanitarian crises this time the oppression of ISIS. The Lotus Flower was founded in March of 2016, in response to the struggles of women and girls she witnessed during her time in Kurdistan, drawing on her strong network of supporters to get things started.

Taban is a keen advocate of women’s rights and genocide. She has spoken on many panels, and given talks about her experience.